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Sabre Labs is a travel and technology innovation lab exploring capabilities that will impact travel over the next decade. Through research, prototypes, and communication, Sabre Labs strives to make the future real for our businesses and customers. Sabre Labs began in 1996 as the world’s first travel focused innovation lab. While the objectives of the team have evolved over the years, the original intent of Sabre Labs was to be a new product incubator for Sabre. Many products and solutions available today originated with Labs, including: TripCase, Location Locator, Sabre Web Services, Intellisell, and Availability Proxy.

Labs Insights

Blog Mar 30, 2020

Offer Management – Optimizing Airline Ancillary Bundles Based on Customer Preferences Part 2 of 3: Recommendation and offer engines

This article is the second of a three-part series on optimizing airline ancillary bundles based on customer preferences. Part one...

Blog Mar 13, 2020

Offer Management – Optimizing Airline Ancillary Bundles Based on Customer Preferences Part 1 of 3: Data collection and customer segmentation

Offer management is the process of selling the right bundle – airfare and air ancillaries – to the right customer...

Blog Jan 16, 2020

How Sabre is using AI/ML to change the technology of travel – Part 2

At Sabre, as we evaluate new opportunities for leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, we realize that...

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Innovation Hub

Experience the next wave of innovation to power the travel industry, before it even hits production. The Sabre innovation hub displays some of the latest concepts in travel technology from Sabre. You can influence future development by participating with your comments and suggestions, or just peek in to see the new ideas we are testing.

Blockchain Interline

Blockchain the Technology Basically, Blockchain is a transaction based ledger system where the transactions are recorded and replicated in real time across a network...

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Sabre Red 360

Sabre Red 360 is the travel consultant access point to the industry-leading content in the Sabre platform. Different by design, Sabre Red 360 is built...

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Reddie Chatbot

Since 2017, Sabre and Microsoft have been working on an A.I.-powered chatbot that explores how artificial intelligence can help travel agencies better serve travelers...

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Research & Reports

The Sabre Labs team researches and experiments with emerging capabilities to better understand the impact they will have on the travel industry. Read through some of our past reports where we share our findings; there’s much more tinkering in the works!

Jun 27, 2017


We love sharing our findings and bringing our projects on the road! If you’re interested in us speaking at an event, please reach out at We look forward to discussing with you ways new technologies can be used to improve how we enable people to move through and experience the world.

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